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    Service providers, enterprises and other organizations increasingly rely on the real-time, comprehensive management capabilities of the NetMechanica solutions to ensure that IT services and business processes are available and performing at optimal levels.

    Network Monitoring

    NetDecision Network Manager is a network monitoring software that provides automatic discovery of your IP network, groups your devices into a graphical topology and monitors devices in real-time.

    With NetDecision Network Manager organizations can collect real-time data from across the IT infrastructure, consolidate this data into a real-time management front end, analyze the data and automate responses, and inform other key individuals, systems, and processes immediately about service-affecting IT problems.

    NetDecision Performance Vision provides out-of-the-box graphs and dashboards for CPU utilization, memory usage, disk space usage, interface utilization, service response times, interface errors etc. This helps users gain better visibility into the performance of servers, routers and switches and the overall network.

    NetDecision Performance Vision is an easy to use software that monitors network parameters via SNMP or using custom scriptable polling agents. It allows you to quickly and easily set up and run a monitoring station for networks. Read more...

    Advanced SNMP Trap Handling

    How to Select an SNMP Trap Management System

    Here's a handy checklist of essential features you should look for in SNMP trap management. Print this checklist out and use it to rate the SNMP trap managers you're evaluating. If an SNMP trap manager can't meet these basic requirements, cross it off your list.

    • Complete Alarm collection and device management: Don't settle for a limited SNMP trap management system. Get multi protocol support for every monitoring device in your network in addition to SNMP.
    • Alarm presentation and notification: Send detailed alarm descriptions and correction instructions to NOC and field techs via SMS (Mobile phone) notifications and emails. SMS and e-mail notifications let your field techs respond to alarms while they're still in the field, speeding repairs and reducing windshield time. Look for an SNMP trap manager system with SMS support, which can send detailed alarm notifications to alpha pagers, cell phones, and PDAs.
    • Alarm sorting and analysis: Make sense of alarm cascades with automatic intelligent alarm sorting, filtering and processing.
    • Maintain a list of standing alarms: SNMP trap management must maintain a list of standing alarms and not just log newly reported or acknowledged traps. Imagine what would happen to your network if a system operator acknowledged an alarm, and then failed to correct the alarm condition. Who would know the alarm was still standing? No one!
    • Detailed, precise alarm descriptions: SNMP alarm monitoring systems should record the time, location, severity, and a precise description of alarm events
    • Nuisance alarm filtering: Even the best NOC staff stops taking alarms seriously if they're bombarded with status alerts, oscillating conditions, and unimportant alarms. Look for an SNMP trap manager system that filters these out.
    • Alarm sorting: A large, complex network can create a cascade of alarms. Some are unimportant, but others are critical. Look for an SNMP trap manager system that can automatically sort and prioritize this flood of information for you.
    • Alarm correction instructions: Detailed instructions included in alarm notifications ensure that system operators, without extra training, will know precisely what to do and who to call if an alarm happens.

    NetDecision TrapVision is capable of receiving the traps, interpreting them, and displaying notification messages in a graphical display. The people at the management center viewing the display are then alerted to the problem.

    Due to its unique trap handling capability, TrapVision is an ideal tool for the first-stage handling of the SNMP trap traffic. TrapVision can manage SNMP traps at remote sites, forwarding only the important traps to the high-level management console application, possibly minimizing the traffic. Read more...

    SNMP Simulation

    NetDecision delivers complete set of tools for testing and demonstrating SNMP-based management applications without requiring real devices.

    The Smart Agent provides an easy to use interface that can simulate a standalone SNMP agent. Smart Agent allows users to generate default variable values from MIB or record variables from an existing agent.

    The Smart Agent provides built-in support for dynamic values using database binding. Variable values in the database can be updated by NetDecision scripts or by any 3rd party tool in real-time to provide custom simulation scenarios.

    The SNMP Trap Simulator is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows users to configure and send SNMP v1/v2c/v3 traps and informs. Using this tool you can configure to send any number of traps at the specified time-interval to a single or multiple trap managers.

    The NetDecision Trap Simulator provides the capability to record traps from the real devices and then replay trap scenarios sending recorded traps to a trap receiving application. Read more...

    Remote Site Monitoring

    NetMechanica offers comprehensive solutions for remotely monitoring, accessing, and controlling equipment in remote locations. Remote site monitoring solutions from NetMechanica plug into OSS solutions for remote equipment provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and support operations. NetMechanica enables service providers to monitor, manage, and update equipment in cellular towers, microwave sites, broadband wireless towers, and other remote facilities in support of network services, as well as for managing equipment located at remote customer offices. We deliver a single point of management through which remote administrators can monitor, access, and control SNMP-enabled or non-SNMP/non-networked equipment, monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, and manage related devices such as fans and security sensors. Read more...

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