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    NetDecision Performance Vision

    NetDecision Performance Vision

    The NetDecision Performance Vision monitors network and bandwidth usage as well as various other network parameters like memory usage and CPU utilization, providing system administrators with live and historical data.

    The NetDecision Performance Vision is an easy to use software that monitors network parameters via SNMP or using custom scriptable polling agents. With just a few mouse clicks you can start monitoring in/out traffic on routers and switches, CPU utilization and RAM usage, free disk space, etc.

    The most common case is monitoring the bandwidth usage of leased lines, routers, and firewalls via SNMP. You can also monitor many other aspects of your network environment and computer infrastructure.

    The Performance Vision provides out-of-the-box graphs and dashboards for CPU utilization, memory usage, disk space usage, interface utilization, service response times, interface errors etc. This helps users gain better visibility into the performance of servers, routers and switches and the overall network.

    The Performance Vision makes network performance monitoring effortless to set up and users can quickly get live, daily, weekly, monthly, annual or custom period graphs out-of-the-box.

    The Performance Vision allows users to setup monitoring of custom SNMP MIB variables. Performance Vision makes network performance monitoring truly vendor-independent. You only need access to the SNMP MIBs provided by your vendor. Performance Vision allows you to monitor critical parameters of any device and setup thresholds.

    The Performance Vision simplifies the process of setting up initial monitoring configuration by discovering network devices such as routers, switches, servers, printers etc automatically.

    The NetDecision Performance Vision is more advanced and feature-rich product than MRTG/PRTG, but at the same time effortless to install and easy to use.

    Monitoring Methods

    • SNMP is the basic method of gathering bandwidth and network usage data. It can be used to monitor bandwidth usage of routers and switches port-by-port as well as memory usage, CPU utilization, etc.
    • Generic (script based). With NetDecision Script Language which provides the full set of monitoring functions to aquire data from file system, XML, ftp, Eventlog, read data via TCP/UDP, WMI, etc.
    • Data aggregation (Formula based). Calculates resulting value based on several monitored values according to provided math expression


    • Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Server 2003/2008/2012.
    • Comes with the set of preconfigured generic script monitors.
    • Provides automatic Network Discovery tool to simplify setup and deployment.
    • The number of network elements is not limited.
    • Dynamic web interface. (Has built-in web server)
    • Provides configuration wizards for novice users.
    • Customizable data views (charts).
    • Provides custom dashboard panels with gauge indicators.
    • Reporting.
    • Export data to CSV.
    • Full screen views.
    • Distributed client-server application architecture allows multiple clients to connect to a single server that performs data monitoring.
    • Complete MIB support. Any standard and vendor specific MIB files can be compiled and used in NetDecision Performance Vision.
    • OID library maintains the collection of most commonly used OIDs for quick configuration.
    • Customizable threshold values handling.
    • Notifications via e-mail, SMS, SNMP traps, audible alarms, MS Outlook tasks, etc.
    • Modern MS Office like ribbon based customizable user interface

    Product Architecture

    Elements of architecture

    Data source Data sources of any type (network equipment, systems, applications) that provides an interface to retrieve it"s operational stats and/or usage data.
    Polling script A script written using NetDecision script language. A script execution is triggered by Performance Vision Server accorging to configured schedule.A script retrieves data from the equipment and stores results in RRD database of specific Element. Executed with different parameters every Polling script can be used to monitor different Elements of the same type.
    RRD Round-Robin database file. Stores monitoring data for specific Element. With round-robin technique the database size remains constant over time.
    Performance Vision Server Performance Vision Server is the core processing engine in the distributed Performance Vision architecture. Performance Vision Server stores configuration data for all monitors in the internal database file (PerformanceVisionServer.cfg) located under .config folder of your NetDecision installation destination. Performance Vision Server has no limit applied to the number of clients allowed to connect.
    Performance Vision Client application that connects to the Performance Vision Server via TCP sockets using proprietary XML based messaging protocol. Performance Vision user interface allows you to retrieve collected data from Performance Vision Server and view results in the form of graphs and gauges.

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