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    NetDecision Quick Launcher

    NetDecision Quick Launcher

    Quick Launcher allows the user to quickly access all the applications, documents, web pages, etc. that he/she uses every day, every hour, and if you get the Quick Launcher yourself, you"ll save hours and give yourself the productivity edge of having your tools and documents in front of you all the time.

    In order to customize the bar you need to right click on it and select Customize... This brings up the Applications dialog. Use "Add...", "Modify...", Delete and Clear buttons to create shortcuts. Shortcut is a link to any item accessible on your computer or on a network, such as a program, file, folder, disk drive, Web page, printer, or another computer.

    Feel free to drag the toolbar to the top, right, left or bottom side of your desktop, or even leave it "undocked" and floating. You"ll find where you like it best. Quick Launcher uses Winamp like docking when it automatically detects the desktop side and docks. You"ll never go back to the old start menu find it and launch it ever again once you start using this.

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