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    NetDecision TFTP Server

    NetDecision TFTP Server

    NetDecision TFTP Server provides an Internet-standard TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server on any Windows workstation or server. It supports all TFTP clients that are RFC 1350-compliant, including those integrated into network devices, such as routers.

    TFTP is a simple protocol to transfer files, and therefore was named the Trivial File Transfer Protocol or TFTP. It has been implemented on top of the Internet User Datagram protocol (UDP) so it may be used to move files between machines on different networks implementing UDP. It is designed to be small and easy to implement. Therefore, it lacks most of the features of a regular FTP. The only thing it can do is read and write files from/to a remote server. It cannot list directories, and currently has no provisions for user authentication. Two modes of transfer are currently supported: netascii and octet.

    NetDecision TFTP server supports simultaneous downloads and uploads from multiple clients.

    TFTP Server provides configuration dialog that allows the user to change the following parameters:

    • TFTP Root directory
    • Security settings

    TFTP protocol does not provide any security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized downloads and uploads. NetDecision TFTP server implements security subsystem on top of TFTP protocol. The user can disable GET or PUT operation and give access to permitted clients only. If the list of permitted IP addresses is empty then all clients are allowed to communicate with TFTP server.

    The user can also configure timeout and the number of retries that tell the server how long it should wait for DATA or ACK from the client. If the DATA/ACK packet has not been received for the specified period of time the transaction is treated as incomplete and server reports TIMEOUT.

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