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    NetDecision Utilities
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    NetDecision Parameter Editor

    NetDecision Parameter Editor

    Parameter Editor is an application to build parameter files for NetDecision scripts. By using parameters the user can create multi purpose scripts that can change their behavior based on those parameters.

    Parameter Editor is capable of creating parameters of the following types:

    • Integer (int)
    • Double (double)
    • String (string)
    • SNMP Variable Binding (snmpvar)
    • SNMP PDU (snmppdu)
    • Multidimensional array (array)
    • XML (xml)

    To be able to create multidimensional arrays Parameter Editor represents parameters in a tree. By selecting particular element in the tree the user will be able to modify parameter data. To create an extra dimension in the array it is necessary to select an array to add dimension to and create new array element of the type array.

    The following dialog is used to specify parameter type and name:

    The form (Parameter View on the right side) that allows to edit parameter data is different and depends on parameter type.

    The following figures are the snapshots for different parameter types





    SNMP PDU (General Page)

    SNMP PDU (Variable Bindings Page)

    SNMP Variable Binding

    Array (Read Only)

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