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    NetDecision Script Studio

    NetDecision Script Studio

    NetDecision Script Studio is a complete script management tool that provides the user with convenient development environment. The script language incorporates network management related functions as well as other utilities. The user can organize scripts in folders based on some criteria. There is a powerful schedule management that allows the user to execute the script at the specified time. It is allowed to execute multiple scripts simultaneously.


    • Powerful script development environment.
    • Flexible scheduling.
    • Syntax highlighting script editor.
    • GUI controlled script execution.
    • Modern ribbon-based graphical user interface.
    • Powerful script language
    • Supports remote administration via NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad
    • Can be started as Windows Service using NetDecision Service Manager

    The NetDecision Script Language is a programming language that allows you to create robust, intelligent agents to manage your network using protocols such as SNMP and ICMP.

    It is also possible to parse and create HTML and XML data files using NetDecision Script Language, send E-Mails to notify a technicians about system failure, query database, create graphical reports (charts).

    The syntax of the language is very simple, but it allows the user to solve complex tasks. The language has all basic features like loops, condition statements, user-defined functions, etc.


    • Basic data types (string, integer, double).
    • Multidimensional arrays.
    • SNMP data types.
    • XML data type.
    • Conditional execution ("if" statements).
    • Loops ("while", "for", "foreach" statements).
    • Functions (including recursive functions).
    • Local and global variable scope.
    • Operators.
    • Simple to extend.
    • SNMP functions.
    • String processing functions (including regex).
    • XML processing functions.
    • DB functions.
    • Mathematical routines.
    • Graphical Reports (SVG).
    • File IO functions.
    • Utility functions.
    • Time functions.
    • Directory management functions.
    • Send mail function.
    • ICMP ping function.
    • ZIP archive functions.
    • RS-232 functions.
    • TCP/UDP functions.
    • FTP functions.
    • TFTP functions.
    • Windows event log functions.
    • LDAP functions.
    • WMI functions.
    • RRD (Round Robin Database) functions.
    • Windows networking functions.
    • MS Outlook integration functions.
    • Supports low level IO ports.
    • USB HID functions.
    • Supports IBM WMQ.
    • Supports SMPP.
    • Send SMS function (via connected GSM modem).
    • Plug-ins

    The Task Manager in Script Studio controls the script execution. Each task is a combination of a script and its execution parameters (e.g. start time, occurrence, etc.). Task sheet is a list of all managed tasks. Task sheet can be saved/loaded. Currently opened Task Sheet is displayed in Task Manger View. One or more scripts can be executed by Task Manager simultaneously.

    NetDecision Script Language is powerfull and extendable language. The scalability of the language is achived by using plug-ins. The Plug-in is a DLL module with predefined interface. This interface is open to allow third-party vendors to create their own extensions to the NetDecision script Language. The interface definition can be found in "NetDecision Plug-in Interface Definition" documentation.

    The standard plug-in extension is npl (NetDecision Plug-in). Those plug-ins are located in NetDecision Plugins directory.

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