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    NetDecision 5.4 (codename: Tsunami) has been released

    NetDecision 5.4 Release Notes

    Service Manager

    • The Service Manager now supports remote software update

    NEW: MFT (Managed File Transfer) Server (replaces TFTP Server - discontinued)

    • Supports both TFTP and FTP in single server
    • Enterprise class multithreaded architecture (implemented as thread pool) for ultra-high-performance and maximum reliability
    • Standards compliant
      • TFTP - implements RFC 1350, RFC2347, RFC2348, RFC2349. Supports all RFC defined options including:
        • Total Size (tsize)
        • Block Size (blksize)
        • Timeouts
        • Supports block numbers rollover/wrap (allows to transfer large files up to 4GB)
      • FTP - implements RFC 959, RFC 2389, RFC 2640, RFC 3659, EPLF, MFXX commands
        • Extended logging support including audit information
        • File Transfers pane to track download/upload progress


    • The LaunchPad now uses MFT Server for files upload, software update and backups. The server runs in background mode as Windows Service.
    • New Software Update wizard has been implemented to automatically update NetDecision software on remote hosts within deployment
    • New Upload Files Wizard has been implemented to replace the Upload Files Manager in order to make the user interface consistent. The new wizard allows the user to track upload progress.
    • Simultaneous upload of files is now reliable on huge deployments (> 500 hosts)
    • Applications Settings have been extended with Advanced parameters (TFTP transfer options, etc)
    • The LaunchPad is now capable of exporting deployment data to CSV file
    • The Find functionality has been extended to be able to search nodes by SW version
    • The log level and deduplication options no longer affect remote log data retrieved by LaunchPad from remote hosts. These settings do apply to application log only.
    • The LaunchPad is now capable of retrieving Performance Vision client application log.

    Performance Vision Server

    • The default server port has been changed from 5555 to 48605
    • The deduplication option of application log is now configurable

    Performance Vision

    • The formula calculated value is now properly displayed in dashboard view (both desktop and web interface)
    • The new generic monitor has been implemented to monitor the results of SQL SELECT statements
    • The new generic monitor has been implemented to monitor the performance of the process (memory usage)
    • The Performance Vision now supports thresholds for dashboard gauges in reverse order when lower value is more severe
    • The application log can now be automatically saved to PeformanceVision.ndlog file. This option is fully configurable in Application Settings window.
    • The application log settings are now configurable (level, max records, deduplication , etc)

    MIB Manager

    • The MIB Manager now supports for REFERENCE attribute of MODULE-INSTANCE and OBJECT-INSTANCE
    • The MIB Manager now displays table indexes for table entries. Also this information is now stored to CMF
    • The MIB Manager is now capable of exporting the following additional information to HTML:
      • reference attribute of MODULE-INSTANCE
      • reference attribute of OBJECT-INSTANCE
      • the list of table indexes if present

    Network Manager

    • The Network Manager now properly deletes reference attributes. (The application no longer crashes due to improper deletion of reference attributes)


    • Printing functionality has been implemented


    • The TrapVision now properly displays the description of trap handler for generic traps.


    • foreach loop is now capable of iterating through xml children
    • The bug in TLS version of SendMail function has been fixed
    • The script parser bug has been fixed. The parser now detects and reports an error if right brace is missing in function call/definition
    • New SetSocketOption() function has been implemented to tune TCP/IP stack advanced parameters
      • SO_RCVBUF – socket RX buffer
      • SO_SNDBUF – socket TX buffer
    • NetDecision Remoting (NXMP) API has been implemented to manage remote NetDecision applications using scripting
    • TFTP functions can now take additional parameter “TFTP Server Port” in case of TFTP server listens on port other than 69(udp).
    • The new set of SMS (phone text messages) functions has been implemented to support:
      • Multi-part SMS messages using UDH (User Data Header)
      • Message receiving
      • Message deleting

    Reporting Issues

    Found a bug? Please submit a bug to the NetDecision bug database.


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