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    Topic: Email notification when SNMP device is Down
    Yvonnick Videloup (16-08-2017 12:29) post reply

    I wanted to be informed through email when an SNMP device is down. I created a physical device on the map, configured the SNMP access and so on. I created a Custom Attributes (tab “Custom Attributes”) onto the SNMP sysObjectID variable. I created a rule indicating what to do if the result of the sysObjectID query (snmp get) is not the expected (in this case a timeout) and I just written a line for sending an email into the corresponding script file. This does not work.

    More precisely, I added the following “Comparator” : VALUE Does Not Equal To “”. This is the expected sysObjectID. Then I activated the “Change Element Status” and the “Execute Script". And this does not work. Please see the attached screenshot jpeg file.

    For testing purpose I inversed the logic. I switched the Comparator to VALUE Equals to and then I received a lot of email. So both, my rule and my script, are correct.

    Please note that I tested both the full dot ASN1/SMI notation and the mixed dot and string notation here “enterprises. 449.2.1.6560”. It seems that only the full dot notation should be used.

    Please, you just have to configure an email address into an SMTP sever, configure your software as I described and write a script of one line:

    SendMail("", "", "6560 Down", "6560 Down", "") but configured for you.

    Please, this looks/sounds like a bug. Can you confirm this? Or, is there another way to be notified by email when a device is down?

    That is for SNMP. But for ICMP Ping monitoring? How to do? Possible?

    Best Regards,

    hide\show support (17-08-2017 23:41) post reply
      Hi Yvonnik,

    The event handlers in Network Manager work.
    We will provide you with detailed instruction on how to configure event handlers in Network Manager.

    hide\show Yvonnick Videloup (21-08-2017 11:49) post reply
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