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    Q.   How can I use vendor MIB that came with hardware in NetDecision?

    In order to use vendor's MIB in MIB Browser you need to compile it using NetDecision MIB Manager application. It would create an xml-like file with ".cmf" extension and then you can load it and use in MIB Browser, Trap Simulator, Network Manager and other NetDecision applications. The following are the basic steps:

    1. Open NetDecision MIB Manager and browse (using workspace on the left side) to the folder where you have MIB files.
    2. Compile (by double-clicking on files) MIBs. Note that during compilations you may see some errors in the log. The reason for that is that you may not have all MIB files in this folder that MIBs you are compiling are referring to. If desired object or MIB table already appeared in MIB tree you can just ignore errors but in future we recommend compiling all related MIBs into one tree for this particular hardware.
    3. Save your compiled MIB giving it a meaningful name like Alcatel_Xylan.cmf.
    4. In NetDecision MIB Browser in Agent Configuration window specify the Alcatel_Xylan.cmf file you just created. When you close this window the app will reload MIB file. Now you can perform SNMP operations having real vendor MIB on the screen.
    5. In NetDecision Trap Simulator when creating new notification go to Variables page and load the Alcatel_Xylan.cmf file. Expand Traps folder in MIB tree and double click on any Trap. Notice that trap code has changed and trap variables are automatically added to the list. The values are randomly generated but you can always edit them. Now you can give this notification a name (on general page) and use it in simulation.
    6. In NetDecision Network Manager having real vendor MIB is a huge benefit as it provides you with ability to create custom attributes for each managed element associated with MIB values.

    Q.   On what platforms does NetDecision run?
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    Q.   Does NetDecision support silent install?

    Yes, NetDecision supports silent installs. NetDecision installation system has been developed using InstallShield.

    The high-level process for creating custom installation for InstallShield images is as follows:

    1. To record a silent InstallShield installation, run the setup -r command.
    2. To play back a silent InstallShield installation, run the setup -s command.


    • setup /r /f1c:installsND_Setup.iss
    • setup /s /f1c:installsND_Setup.iss

    IMPORTANT: The response file (.iss) is pretty much machine independent and can be used on any other workstation or server.

    Q.   Is there support for RMON(II), SMON(II) and SNMPv3?
    A. We support all versions of SNMP - v1, v2C, v3. RMON and SMON are supported.
    Q.   Can NetDecision be installed via SCCM?

    Yes, NetDecision can be installed via SCCM. Please use silent installation for that (Example: NetDecision_5_1.exe /s /f1ND_Setup.iss).

    Please note that installation path is different on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. So, there should be two separate response files (.iss): one for 32-bit and another for 64-bit system.

    Please also consider using the following vbscript functions within SCCM to check the system type:

    Function Is64BitOS()
        Is64BitOS = Not(Is32BitOS())
    End Function
    Function Is32BitOS()
        Const sRegKey = "HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\SystemCentralProcessor\0"
        Const sIdentifierValue = "Identifier"
        Const sPlatformIDValue = "Platform ID"
        Dim oSh : Set oSh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
        Dim sIdentifier, nPlatformID
        sIdentifier = oSh.RegRead(sRegKey & "\" & sIdentifierValue)
        nPlatformID = oSh.RegRead(sRegKey & "\" & sPlatformIDValue)
        Set oSh = Nothing
        If InStr(sIdentifier, "x86") > 0 And nPlatformID = 32 Then
            Is32BitOS = True
            Is32BitOS = False
        End if
    End Function

    You can also use batch file to do the job:

    @echo off
    set setupfile=C:\Install\NetDecision_5_1.exe
    set rspfile=C:\Install\ND_Setup
    set logfile=%windir%\temp\ND_Install.log
    if %processor_architecture%==AMD64 (
        %comspec% /c start "" /wait "%setupfile%" -s -f1"%rspfile%_64.iis" -f2"%logfile%"
    ) else (
        %comspec% /c start "" /wait "%setupfile%" -s -f1"%rspfile%_32.iis" -f2"%logfile%"
    net start ND_ServiceManager

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