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    NetDecision 5.8.1 (full package)

    File Size Date
    NetDecision 5.8.1 installation package (32-bit) 51492.04 Kb 16.08.16 Download...

    File Size Date
    NetDecision 5.8.1 installation package (64-bit) 47819.38 Kb 15.08.16 Download...

    NetDecision TrapVision 5.8.1

    File Size Date
    NetDecision TrapVision 5.8.1 installation package (32-bit) 35873.26 Kb 16.08.16 Download...

    NetDecision Performance Vision Client 5.8.1 *

    File Size Date
    Performance Vision Client 5.8.1 installation package (32-bit) 25914.95 Kb 16.08.16 Download...

    * Client only installation does not include server part of Performance Vision.
    Use client-side installation package only to deploy multi-client distributed Performance Vision configuration. Please download full NetDecision installation package in order to install Performance Vision server.

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