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    Motorola recommends to use NetDecision to manage Canopy™ equipment as preferred network management system.

    The Canopy™ system, Motorola’s innovative wireless broadband solution, is the ideal technology for developing, enhancing and extending advanced broadband networks and services. And for making delivery of high-demand technologies like broadband Internet access, voice over IP, video services, security surveillance and E1/T1 capabilities both much quicker and much less expensive.

    NetMechanica has established partnership with BLANKOM Antennentechnik GmbH.

    BLANKOM Antennentechnik GmbH is a medium sized company which main focus is to develop, to manufacture and to provide innovative and state-of-the-art headend solutions for digital and analog video distribution.

    NetMechanica has established partnership with Sensatronics.

    Founded over 15 years ago, Sensatronics quickly developed the reputation as the vendor of choice if your future depends upon monitoring the environment. The United States National Weather Service, Scientific and Medical Labs, Mount Everest researchers, and cooperative observers everywhere depend upon Sensatronics Instruments.

    NetMechanica has established partnership with HW Group the manufacturer of environment monitoring product called Poseidon.

    NetMechanica has established partnership with IBERDISLAN the official distributor of NetDecision network management system in Spain.

    NetMechanica has established partnership with Quarta Technologies the official distributor of NetDecision network management system in Russia.

    NetMechanica has established partnership with BIBASYS Technologies Pvt Ltd the official distributor of NetDecision network management system in India and Gulf.

    Starting our System Integration and Network Management business we were looking for the feature rich Network Management System we could rely on. We were looking for the NMS that would run 24/7, is easy to configure and provides enough features that would allow us to build solutions for different areas of Element and System Management, Network Management, Enterprise Management and Security. We also were looking for the system that would not require an expensive hardware to run on so we could provide reasonably priced solutions and services to our customers. After thorough analysis of the market and trying out many products it turned out that NetDecision from NetMechanica is the best. This product has everything that Enterprise level management system needs yet still very compact, which makes it suitable for development of lightweight Element and Systems Management solutions. It is very reliable, easy to set up and configure. NetDecision has slick and friendly operators interface. System performance is outstanding - it can easily handle several hundred alerts per second on a single CPU server. The distributed architecture of the product allows it to scale so it can be setup across multiply servers handling enormous streams of alarms and other events.

    Looking for the product we were also looking at the company behind it because that is what determines the product quality after all. NetMechanica turned to be very professional. They have the right software development process in place and their customer support is excellent.

    BNM Incorporated, Melbourne, FL

    NetMechanica has established partnership with Suchart Infosol Private Limited .

    Suchart Infosol Private Limited is Reseller and Market rep for Networking and Scientific Software products. Suchart infosol Private Limited , M 9611281683 , contact Person Name : Mr. Kattimani ( Bangalore )

    NetMechanica has established partnership with Software Sources Ltd..

    Software Sources Ltd. is a leading software distributor in Israel, supplying software products to the private market, academic organizations and governmental institutions.

    NetMechanica has established partnership with ySoftware..

    ySoftware resells professional telecom software in France. ySoftware is focused on SNMP network management and NetFlow, SFlow and IPFIX.

    Want to become a partner? Please contact us.

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