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NetDecision delivers complete set of tools for testing and demonstrating SNMP-based management applications without requiring real devices.

The Smart Agent provides an easy to use interface that can simulate a standalone SNMP agent. The Smart Agent allows users to generate default variable values from MIB or record variables from an existing agent.

The Smart Agent provides built-in support for dynamic values using database binding. Variable values in the database can be updated by NetDecision scripts or by any 3rd party tool in real-time to provide custom simulation scenarios.

The SNMP Trap Simulator is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows users to configure and send SNMP v1/v2c/v3 traps and informs. Using this tool you can configure to send any number of traps at the specified time-interval to a single or multiple trap managers.

The NetDecision Trap Simulator provides the capability to record traps from the real devices and then replay trap scenarios sending recorded traps to a trap receiving application.

Why would you need SNMP Simulation

Development team that develops network management applications can work effectively even when the agent is incomplete or does not exist in the lab. All you need is a MIB definition file to allow the NetDecision Smart Agent to simulate an agent which supports that MIB. This enables application development to proceed in parallel with agent development making associated development time and testing costs lower.

Testing personnel can test management applications without having large number of devices in the lab. Full control over the values returned by the Smart Agent for SNMP requests, custom value generation scenarios and trap generation enable high quality testing of applications.

Sales representatives can put together demonstrations of management applications at customer sites or during trade shows without having to carry test equipment. Different SNMP devices can be simulated on the management station itself or on portable laptop PCs.

Training groups can also utilize Smart Agent to give demos of different networking scenarios by setting up simulated values manually or using NetDecision scripts. Costly hardware, installation and set-up is no longer needed and initial network environment can be easily restored after students have been trained on "set" configuration requests.

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