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    Alarm Panel

    NetMechanica recommends an Alarm Panel solution from our partner - Flexlink Engineers Pte Ltd.


    Any failure in a system is critical for any service provider such as the telecom. This alarm panel notifies technical personnel about system failure when immediate response is required in order to solve the problem. The Alarm works together with NetDecision TrapVision which monitors the traps and then filters and categorizes those to errors and non-errors.

    What does it consist of?


    • PC computer (server)
    • Relay Card
    • Alarm Panel


    • Custom made VB program
    • NetDecision TrapVision

    How it works?

    This system uses NetDecison TrapVision to manage the SNMP traps. For every trap it receives, TrapVision filters it using Trap Handler to determine whether it is informational or an alarm with different severity level: Minor, Major or Critical. The Trap Handler determines this by the OIDís integer. Each and every trap which TrapVision receives will be stored into a database.

    Next comes VB application. As all traps are stored into the database with its integer, the application constantly reads the database and goes through the traps with its integer. The application is designed in such a way that if the conditions are met in the programís criteria, it will activate the relay in the computer and also light up the virtual lamp in the application.

    The relay causes the circuit to close and then the alarm panel will sound. For example, when TrapVision receives a critical error, it closes a contact on the relay card and the alarm panel will sound and the critical lamp will light up until the contact is open.

    The relay actuator is an add-on PCI card in the PC. It provides 8 optically-isolated digital inputs for collecting digital signals in noisy environments.

    The alarm panel is equipped with an audio buzzer for annunciation. The user can acknowledge the alarms.

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