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    NetDecision 5.3 (codename: Unity) has been released

    We are happy to release NetDecision 5.3. In this release the NetDecision has been significantly refactored, meaning the codebase is considerably improved. All applications now use common configuration, logging and other facilities.

    NetDecision 5.2 (codename: Turbo) has been released

    NetMechanica is proud to announce the availability of NetDecision 5.2, the next major release. This release includes tons of new highly requested features, as well as lots of enhancements and performance improvements.

    NetDecision 5.1 (codename: Evolution) has been released

    The NetMechanica is proud to present NetDecision 5.1. This new release introduces numerous new features as well as a host of smaller enhancements and bug fixes. We think that it is the best version of NetDecision to date.

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